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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy below for more information.

Application Process:
During this process we collect personal information from you. This information is used for internal purposes only, including but not limited to our lender matching process. HTTPS SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is used to secure data channels between your browser and our servers. Our SSL security utilizes a 2048 Bit certificate created and provided by GeoTrust.

Payment Process:
Our payment page is also secured by HTTPS SSL Encryption. However, upon clicking "Make Payment", our site will redirect
you to PayPal for payment to be made. PayPal also utilizes SSL Encryption while taking your payment. See: PayPal Privacy Policy.

Re marketing Cookies:
Our web site utilizes technology provided by one or more "re marketing" or "re targeting" companies, all of which are NAI compliant with the ability to opt-out. Opt-out requests can be made at:
While our company utilizes these services, we do not control tracking information or data collected by these methods. Data includes but is not limited to: IP address, reverse lookup data, computer identity information and page views on our web site.

Information Security:
Your personal information is handled with the utmost level of security. All personal information is transmitted to our servers and databases using SSL, where it is stored in databases protected by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). If data was to ever be compromised, it would be rendered unusable without the private keys and decryption. We also employ firewall appliances at our network edge, and are compliant with PCI standards.

United Lending Services Co. keeps your information strictly confidential. Your information is not sold or used during the process. Occasionally, our staff may need to contact 3rd parties at your request but in these cases we will always ask for your consent prior to release of information.

If you have additional questions about privacy or security, please contact us.

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